Our news - our pride

ABCMdb became a member of The Human Variome Project; Tamas became a member of the Disease Database Advisory Council, HVP, January of 2013.
Gergely's poster was selected as one of the 4 out of 169 to be awarded the ABC2012 Young Investigator Award at the 4th FEBS ABC2012 conference in Innsbruck, Austria, March of 2012.
Tamás had a nice time in Switzerland (with Amos Bairoch, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics; Howard Riezman, Univ. of Geneva, Kaspar Locher, ETH, and friends, CERN); March, 2011.
Tamás presented a seminar at the Dept. of Biochemistry, Oxford University; October, 2010.
We participated at Researchers' Night with the Hungarian show-man, Sándor Fábry; September, 2010.
Gergely gave a fantastic talk at the NA ABC meeting; September, 2010.
Hédi's poster was selected for an oral presentation at the Membrane Transport Meeting, Sümeg, Hungary; May of 2010.